Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Draw With Gaw

I have officially completed my first year of choice based art here at New Palestine Elementary School. I cracked the door open a little with choice two years ago and ended up busting the door wide open by the end of this year! I am not looking back, but moving full forward with this dynamic concept! I believe this form of education has "legs" across the curriculum! Making personal connections to student interests and passions is at the heart of education reform....academic rigor, without meaningful connections, is "learning in a vacuum"....content goes in one ear and out the other.....this is what I have learned over the past several years with my kids and the experiences in our choice based art classroom have solidified this important point.
Since I closed out the school year, I now look forward to completing our summer art camp, "Draw With Gaw" June 13-24. We have a wonderful bunch of kids in this classroom of mixed abilities and ages.....and they love the choice concept.....I will update soon with some pictures and more reflection....Check back again! Clyde