Sunday, July 19, 2015

TAB Institute 2015 Photos

MassArt Tree House residence is a spectacular structure in the heart of Boston.
Participants view an exhibition of their student's art including statements providing insight of the artistic activity. 
Teachers prepared and shared demonstrations of their practice. Karen Frenchall gives a talk on shadow puppets.
More demonstrations and discussion of successful practice.
Room 206, a bona-fide choice based art room provided teachers with space to create new teaching materials. 
Stefanie gives a talk.
Katherine shares her passion for teaching with other TAB high school teachers.
Ian Sands ask the question, "Why don't we give students the same opportunities to create and experiment that contemporary artists utilize for themselves?"
George Szekely provides insight into the imaginary realms of children.
TAB Institute director Diane Jaquith shares information at breakfeast each morning.
Jean Freer Barnett shares a student success story.
Julie Toole shares her pedagogical insight with teachers.
TAB Institute visits the Fenway Studios.
Director Diane Jaquith preps the TAB Institute crew for new activities. 
Kathy Douglas shares a story from her illustrious teaching career with TAB teachers. 
TAB Institute 2015.