Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trevor and Hunter's Ongoing Experiments With Gravitational Force

Trevor and Hunter continue to work with marbles and various building materials using friction and balance to keep their track designs intact.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rhizomatic Curriculum Structures Are Never Static

After the initial teacher presentation on Leonardo's notebook illustrations, children find their way to art centers within the room and begin working on self-initiated art ideas. This transitional phase contains some uncertainty as students move about in many directions, gathering materials, conversing with one another and going about the business of setting up their creative spaces. Some children are influenced by the Da Vinci presentation. Others begin with a pre-conceived art idea only to change direction after they realize they would like to pursue another idea. Others are inspired by collaboration.
Artists generate ideas through memory, observation, collaboration, imagination, experimentation and psycho-emotional processes. The rhizomatic curriculum structure is ever changing.
Art production has now become a vehicle for practicing idea generation. Children take ownership of the art ideas they are developing. The teacher's role shifts from authoritarian to enabler, facilitator, consultant, coach and collaborator.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Visualizing the Rhizome

TAB Teachers disseminate knowledge in many ways. Large group presentations are one way.

Students select a center to begin their art activities.

Students formulate ideas as they work from centers. They may also change their plan,  begin  a new idea or new collaboration.

Johnny and Suzy offer two examples of the changes that can occur when choice is afforded students in a TAB Classroom. Rhizomatic learning experience may flex in many different ways, depending on the students and the teacher.  TAB classrooms are dynamic places to learn and create art.
The rhizome reforms after the teacher's introductory presentation on Leonardo and reconfigures once individuals take control of their activities. The TAB classroom is conducive to a multitude of creative activities where the hum of purpose-driven activity and collaboration drive conversation and action.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bryan Reinholdt Vists the NPE Art Room

Three weeks ago, University of Kentucky film maker and art educator Bryan Reinholdt visited our art room. Bryan has been working on a series of films documenting the creative process. At the 9 minute mark of this film, Bryan captures our 2nd grade construction artists at work in our block building center. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Center for Creative Art Teaching

I first met my good friend and colleague Bryan Reinholdt through the Teaching for Artistic Behavior Group back in 2009. Since then Bryan has been working very hard as an art teacher, artist and art education advocate. Currently, Bryan is collaborating with Dr. George Szekely and Dr. Ilona Szekely to promote creativity development through the Center for Creative Art Teaching. The children at New Palestine Elementary and I have been very happy to assist Bryan with an inspirational art advocacy film featuring Dr. Szekely, University of Kentucky art education students, and the teachers and students at Trinity School in Atlanta, Georgia.