Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Explore, Discovering New Approaches To Teaching Visual Arts

I am much indebted to Dr. Lisa Jameson for inviting me to participate in the Northern Kentucky University visual arts regional conference.
How do learners follow lines of flight and what does nomadic learning look like in a rhizomatic art education curriculum?
Here is the schedule for this Saturday, November 16th's mini conference at Campbell County Middle School in Kentucky, located just south of Cincinnati.

Session One
Pinterest Princess with Debbie Calhoun (K-12)
A “Make and Take” presentation exploring ways teachers have revamped classroom projects. If you aren’t already addicted to Pinterest, you will be soon…
Session Two
Using Design in your Art Class with Jennifer Baldwin (HS/MS)
Presenting a complete program in design covering every design area with resources and opportunities for your students to compete with other students. Design Thinking methods and Project Based Education will be discussed.
11:00-11:25 Formative Assessment in the Art Classroom with Nikki Everett (ES)
Resources and examples to provided to include a variety of formative assessments into your already busy class.
11:25-11:50 We Are Family! Come Meet the Art Supply Family! (ES)
Learn how giving art supplies a personality has changed the way Leslyn’s k-5 art students treat materials.
On your own! Your program for the day will include a list of local suggestions.
Session Three
Keynote Speaker: Clyde Gaw
Choice Based Art Education: Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB)
Clyde will present evidence of the profound learning experience that occurs when children are active participants in their art education curriculum planning and decision making. Additional presentations will be made by local teachers who have worked with TAB in their classrooms. Question and answer to follow.
Session Four
2:30-2:55 Sandy Skoglund Installations with Corie J. Edens (MS/HS)
Presenting a lesson using sculpture, installation and collaboration based on the work of Sandy Skoglund.
3:00-3:50 Aubrey Beardsley with Sarah Nestheide (HS) Sarah will present this AP project based on the gorgeous and sometimes controversial work of Aubrey Beardsley.
Kuba Cloth: Art from the African Congo with Martha Miller (ES)
This hands-on workshop focuses on Kuba cloth woven from raffiea in the Congo as a burial cloth. Students explore use of asymmetry, overlap, pattern and media to create their artwork. In addition to making an example, participants will receive a CD with lesson, examples, and vocab.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Mural Center Is A Source Of Inspiration

Whenever we create a mural, there is just something about the event that inspires everybody to be creative and to work hard. Of course there is always a need for volunteers to work on the mural!
2nd graders paint on one of our Veteran's Day Program murals.

Another 2nd grader paints on his version of the Mona Lisa.
I added some finishing touches and we are ready for installation on Monday morning.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gliders, STEM & Art

We've been experimenting with composition and multiple materials.

Overlapping, line variation, texture effects and stenciling.

Of course we are always preoccupied with flight! Constructing the perfect glider is always a favorite activity in the art room.

This one flew about 40 feet!