Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gliders, STEM & Art

We've been experimenting with composition and multiple materials.

Overlapping, line variation, texture effects and stenciling.

Of course we are always preoccupied with flight! Constructing the perfect glider is always a favorite activity in the art room.

This one flew about 40 feet!


Ruth Kaldor said...

I'm interested in building one of these Do you have a pattern? My boys are forever making paper airplanes, this would be the perfect solution.

Ruth Kaldor said...

Hi, Do you have a pattern for these gliders? My boys love to build paper airplanes and they would love to make these

Clyde Gaw said...

Ruth we do not have a pattern...but if you attach two long study strips of cardboard to the side of a cardboard triangle, one can attach paper to it with glue....add a paper tale or notch another triangle at the front so the flyer looks like a big dart, and you can create a large paper-cardboard glider....balance is key. Sometimes we add a weight to the front and then experiment with throwing the glider for optimal gliding experience : )