Sunday, January 15, 2006

Discovery Learning: NAEA Chicago

It is time to get ready for the National Art Education Association's annual conference coming up in Chicago at the Hilton Towers this March 22nd. Clark, Kathy, Diane, Nan and I will be presenting on "Discovery Learning In The Choice Art Room." Clark and I did a similar presentation on the same topic this past fall at the Indiana Art Education's state conference. We had lots of movies and pics of our kids "going beyond" the given information. That is why I have embraced the "choice" approach with whole heart. Where a child ends up with their art experience always fascinates and surprises me because the outcome is never determined by teacher. More often than not, experiences go very, very deep!
In addition to the presentation, we are hosting an art exhibit/social gathering somewhere in the Hilton Towers facility in one of their conference rooms on Saturday, March 25th. Anybody who reads this blog, who will be in attendance at the conference, please consider yourself invited.....we will begin around 5:00 p.m. and continue until......?
I watched the PBS special on child development titled "Raising Caine" by Michel Thompson, PhD. This documentary openned my eyes to both my boys and girls and their art making tendencies.....Girls love to make art about "friendships and relationships." Boys love to make art about "action, adventure, fear and death!" According to Dr. Thompson, this is a natural outgrowth of being a child. These are recurring themes running throughout a considerable percentage of our kid's subject matter and I feel each of these themes will continue to provide us with meaningful art experiences and joyful learning....I will keep you posted on this "discovery." I plan to mine every bit of educational gold I can from this observation....Check back later.....CG