Saturday, June 23, 2007

Theodore Potter Elementary Art Camp!

Wow! What a great experience! My sincerest 'thank you' goes out to Mr. Tim Clevenger of IPS School 74 for allowing us the opportunity to conduct Theodore Potter Elementary Art Camp!

We had a special guest on Wednesday of our camp. Mrs. Swinney the regular art teacher of TPES made a special visit to camp and spent time with our students.

We had several centers open: drawing, painting, architecture/blocks, puppet theatres, construction/invention, art library, computers, yarn and paper mache. We had many memorable moments during camp including the building of a city inside the Great Wall of China, a major puppet play by the TPE Art Camp Puppeteers, and the building and breaking of a huge fish pinata! Enjoy the pics......

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shadow and Stick Puppets

Shadow and stick puppets are one of our younger students favorite activities. Here is a link to a movie of how we begin some of our stick puppets. Enjoy!

Theodore Potter Elementary Art Camp

We have made a change in the dates of the art camp. We will run the camp during the week of June 18-22. We have at the time of this blog post approximately 24 participants signed up for the camp. My most sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Tim Clevenger, Principal of School 74 for making everything happen. Remember, Theodore Potter Elementary students recieve scholarships and their families will incure no costs to attend camp. I will see everyone on the morning of June 18 at 9:00 AM. See you then! Clyde