Saturday, August 03, 2013

Why Choice Matters....

When it comes to the institution of public education, schools and education of future citizens, unless one has enrolled their child in a Sudbury, Montessori or Reggio school, the process of education is basically an authoritarian affair. This is a paradox for many teachers who work in American schools. They must maintain control of their classrooms, and optimize art education learning experience at the same time. From a creativity standpoint, controlling one's creative capacities can be anathema to the process of creative development. It's either the teacher's or school district's way, or the high way. I view the process of education and creativity development as a very personal matter. Please excuse me if I sound critical or dogmatic to approaches of education where radical behaviorism is applied. I am particularly blunt about my displeasure with radical behaviorism because typically the learner has not been consulted with the experience that is about to take place with their mind, body and spirit.
From my perspective, when art education is to be considered, in order to afford the "fullness of power" that art experience can offer, I believe it is essential to make available to learners every opportunity to participate in authentic acts of creativity. That means making art education a democratic experience as much as possible.