Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rhizomatic Curriculum Structures Are Never Static

After the initial teacher presentation on Leonardo's notebook illustrations, children find their way to art centers within the room and begin working on self-initiated art ideas. This transitional phase contains some uncertainty as students move about in many directions, gathering materials, conversing with one another and going about the business of setting up their creative spaces. Some children are influenced by the Da Vinci presentation. Others begin with a pre-conceived art idea only to change direction after they realize they would like to pursue another idea. Others are inspired by collaboration.
Artists generate ideas through memory, observation, collaboration, imagination, experimentation and psycho-emotional processes. The rhizomatic curriculum structure is ever changing.
Art production has now become a vehicle for practicing idea generation. Children take ownership of the art ideas they are developing. The teacher's role shifts from authoritarian to enabler, facilitator, consultant, coach and collaborator.

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