Sunday, April 10, 2011


Clark and I will have a great camp at Indy Park's Post Road Park Community Center. My sincerest thanks to Post Road Park Manager Linda Fink for hooking us up!

We hope to have 40-50 attendees pr. week. Our activities will include, but are not limited to: drawing, painting, collage, cardboard construction, block building, puppetry, textiles, jewelry making crafts and photography.

Clark and I have approximately 50 years experience between the two of us working with elementary aged kids. We are hoping to fill the camp with at least 40 participants for each week. Any parents who are interested in providing their kids with a dynamic art education experience, should consider this camp for their children.

Check out this blog for more info on what we have been up to since 2004. Enjoy!

For questions related to the camp, or if you would like to reserve a spot on our participants list, you can send me an email here:

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