Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning should be a fascinating adventure!!

A view of the main exhibition hall at the Hancock County Art Exhibit.
New Palestine Elementary exhibition panels with child directed paintings, drawings and collage.
Inquisitive explorers discover marbles and blocks.
More intrepid explorers and investigators.
Future builders and engineers begin their quest to construct viable marble run structures....
....more builders and engineers join in....
....Mr. T-Rex was our mascot at the marble run-block building center.
Raffle taking place while marble run builders go to town.
More builders!
Cool structures including a marble run catch zone.
I brought a box of custom wooden blocks to the 27th Annual 2012 Hancock County Art Exhibit and a major marble run event took place! My sincerest thanks to the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation and all the Hancock County art teachers for facilitating this excellent event.

"Learning should be a fascinating adventure!"  Tom Horn, 2012

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