Sunday, December 01, 2013

Is The Creativity Organ Innate?

Children work and collaborate from their independent ideas.
To answer my own question: YES! Just as the language organ is innate, the creativity organ, that which has been endowed in us through the Forces of the Universe, is innate also. How do choice based art teachers nurture and protect those aspects of children's unique capacities? Choice based art teachers provide children with time to find and develop their unique gifts, talents and interests. Choice based art teachers support children's natural drive for inquiry and nurture curiosity. Choice based art teachers provide children with ways to design their learning activities and direct their own learning. Finally, choice art teachers support children's capacities to develop and refine their own ideas. Opportunities to provide children with experiences related directly to their creative thought  is a hallmark of choice based art learning pedagogy.  Choice based art education is educating for human greatness. Choice based art teachers recognize there is something special and unique in each and every child that enters the art room. Building on the strengths of children can be a starting point of the curriculum if the teacher wishes it so.

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