Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Do Student Artist Statements Reveal? Experience Matters!

I am Andy. I like colors. Thats it! Andy Grade 1
We are good friends. P.S. Have a good day! Katie Grade 1
We love to draw. We love art. Hayden Grade 1
Hi my name is Cam and I like to make art with my friends. Mr. Gol likes to tell stores a lot. Cam 1st Grade

I got inspired by this painting. I thought I should do some dots but then it was blank so I came up with this idea.
Mia 3rd grade
Hi my name is Sophie. I love art. I love to draw. I love making my picture colorful and color over over on the same paper I love rainbows and colorful things. I have a lot of feelings in this picture.
This is Sheutmon X7 it is the 7th fusion form of Sheutmon it is the most powerful Digimon in the World! Brandon Grade 4 
Hi. My name is Maddie. I love art. It's fun to add paint and color to everything. I thought of doing this because it's fun to hide little things in your drawing. I love designs and color. Thank You! Maddie Grade 5
John Dewey noted in "Art As Experience," that viewers of art objects or final artistic outcomes are many times unaware of the internal experience that takes place within the minds and hearts of the artist during the creative act. That aspect of the creative act is all too apparent when viewing children's self directed art and reading the accompanying artist statements. One thing viewers notice when viewing a TAB student art exhibit is that children practice the conceptual work of art making and take ownership of the ideas behind the final art products. In choice based art programs, children's ideas matter!

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