Sunday, June 29, 2014

Generating Numerical Assessment Data In A TAB Art Program

Generating numerical data for teacher evaluation is on the minds of many art educators. The approach I have described below is doable, however it does NOT take into account outside influences (A serious problem with standardized high stakes tests that policymakers do not want to concede). After successfully completing this assessment model this past year, I am not happy with it's design after taking into account student variables the teacher has no control over. My sincerest thanks to Diane Jaquith and Clark Fralick for input in this matter.

The Assessment

In all, a total of 20 students were involved in this assessment event.
In retrospect, TAB learning experience is used here as a form of behavior modification. I have done constructed response-portfolio assessments with students my entire teaching career. The new Indiana teacher evaluation program, RISE, dictates to teachers they must engage in behavior modification. This is what the state wants. Even if this assessment was successful from the state's point of view, is it morally proper? What about children who regress after baseline events due to environmental influences beyond their control and the teachers control? What does the state have to say about that?

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