Friday, January 18, 2013

When Learning Experience Is Organic

Is the mind a blank slate? An empty vessel to pour information and data into without the consent of the learner? Or is the mind an organic system connected to our emotional and physiological self? Should an individual's psycho-emotional realms be ignored when considering the learning that they are to engage in? Should they be left out of the decision making process central to the learning events they are to engage in? 

Kindergarten boy creates a monster mask.

2nd grade boy draws his toy truck.

Girl adds stencil prints to her painting.

A boy tries out his mask.

Packing material makes a great sculpture material.

Volcanoes rock!

Super-sonic space craft building is hard work!

Education is not just about what we are putting into the brain, it is how it is done. What is happening to the brain while we are involved in the learning process is just as important as the content we are putting into it.

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