Monday, January 28, 2013

What is an effective way to access and stimulate children's innate creative capacities?

2nd Graders create a city out of blocks.
My friend and colleague Clark Fralick and I looked at this question for several years. After a period of investigation, observation and consideration, we began to look at curriculum in a new way. After meeting with Kathy, John and Diane in Denver back in '04, it was clear to us what the next step should be. After a period of acclimation and adjustments, we determined, choice based art education works within school settings because the flexible, rhizomatic curriculum structure meets the needs of heterogeneous groups of children. Addressing the paradox between freedom and regulation is what choice based art educators do. Whether providing opportunities for students to design their own art projects, investigating interdisciplinary subject areas or participation in teacher designed learning activities, the affirmation and development of the individual’s unique creative capacities is the heart and soul of choice based art education practice.

A 4th grader prepares her assemblage work for the art show.

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